What We Offer

Successful Healthy Children is an umbrella of support for children, adolescents, families, educational professionals and schools. We are a team of women from multiple states, collaborating with an interdisciplinary perspective to meet your needs, in a variety of ways. From our resources and blog posts, to working directly with students and families, to providing professional development and community/parent workshops, and always, advocating for children, Successful Healthy Children can help you and/or your school.

We believe in order to have successful, healthy children, we need to work–and play–together. Children and adults need recess and rest, to be their best selves. We enjoy collaborating with each other, and through our collective efforts, our team shares the opportunity with you as we identify and implement solutions to meet your needs.

Pic of Cathy and Charlene with tshirts that say What's Your Recess Story?

Recess and Play Consulting

Dr. R and Dr. Brickman have over 35 years of combined experience of schools and recess. Whether you need help advocating for policy (at the district or state level), designing a quality recess, training staff, or mentoring individual students or teachers, we are ready to help students, teachers, schools and districts with recess, play and brain breaks. Read more

We are also facilitators of the LiiNK Project if your school joins the movement to become a LiiNK School.

Jessica Monteverde MEd

Special Education Coaching

Jessica supports parents to become the greatest advocate for their child by building collaborative relationships, providing education for strategies for success at school and home, and assisting in transitions to new schools. She offers a review of your child’s current IEP or evaluation for initial IEPs, support for military families when they have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), and ongoing coaching for children and parents. Read more

Image of Dr R with Student Health Council

School Health & Wellness

Dr. R will work with your school’s wellness team–or help your school form one. Wellness or health councils are important assets for schools especially in the post-COVID era; they help define ways to support academic growth by fostering life skills and social-emotional wellbeing for students, staff and faculty. Dr. R will facilitate the work, provide training for staff and students, and provide action plans for family engagement. Learn more

Picture of Dr. Charlene W Brickman

RTI Consulting

No matter where you are in the miry pit of RTIā€¦Dr. Brickman can help you. Do you need benchmark resources? Scheduling assistance? Assistance with choosing free/inexpensive interventions? Assistance with finding enough hands (and hearts) to deliver interventions? Do you need easy-to-manage docs? Team buy-in? Direction in moving students up or down tiers? Read more

We have easy and affordable answers to all of these issues. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.