Core Values

Children have the greatest opportunity to achieve their full learning potential when they are healthy and in an environment that nurtures not only their cognitive growth but also their physical and social growth:  Healthy children are ready to learn.


We believe that the best means of fostering the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of each child revolves around the collaboration of educators and parents.  Parents/Guardians are the experts of their children. Their input is immeasurable when it comes to making decisions and implementing strategies for the success of a student. Likewise, professionals have the skills and knowledge to bring about great growth within their students.  A collaborative approach guarantees a student the best chance of growth and allows more buy-in from the student when he sees both educators and parents working together to instill healthy, lasting skills and habits.  


We believe education is a lifelong endeavor: it is the mission of schools to provide education for the whole child. Knowledge about learning is rapidly evolving, and parents and educators are better prepared to support a well-rounded education for every child when they feel empowered with knowledge about learning and educational systems.


We believe foremost that the best approach to child development is through the lens of the whole child. Successful Healthy Children is intended to assist students and teachers in developing the know-how, and to take action by building on the individual school’s existing strengths. Working with students at the individual school level builds confidence in their abilities and creates buy-in for their own success, in the classroom and in life. It also fosters connections between families and the school, enhancing capacity for sustaining healthy-learning initiatives.