Pic of Cathy and Charlene with tshirts that say What's Your Recess Story?

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Engage with us: We want to hear YOUR recess stories. You might have one very specific memory.  Or you might have several memories about recess. Or possibly (hopefully) you’re still making recess stories! We’re interested in telling your recess stories in a somewhat organized fashion: to edit a book, exciting readers and inspiring advocacy for this essential/ critical/ undervalued/ overlooked part of a student’s academic day. Share your Recess Story Here

International Play Association Triennial World Conference in Glasgow Scotland!

SHC Consultants Dr. Bob Murray, Dr. Charlene Woodham Brickman and Dr. Cathy Ramstetter will be presenting: Recess 2023—Review of Recent Research Elevates the Importance of Recess for ALL Students.

Dr. Ramstetter will be facilitating a panel of Global Recess Alliance founding members discussing Recess and the right to play: A global panel discussion.

Dr. Ramstetter will also be presenting research conducted with Dr. Dale Borman Fink:  “Even if they’re being bad, maybe they need a chance to run around”: Children’s voices on withholding recess.

We’ll keep you posted with exact times and dates as we get closer to the conference. In the meantime, make time for your own wellness, and get daily recess and play. 

Past Engagements

Did you miss past Virtual Coffee Chats with Jessica about IEPs and Special Education? Email Jessica for details!

In October and November, Charlene and Cathy had the opportunity to speak at International Play Association-USAAction For Healthy Kids National Conference, and finished up at the Head to Toe Conference about the benefits and components of quality recess, and to encourage participants to advocate for recess for all students in their communities! Thanks to all who attended and have already connected with stakeholders in their communities.

Charlene went on from these three conferences to present with her 10-year-old granddaughter Harper at NAEYC. Harper shared her story about how recess has been diminished to a meager 5 minutes in her school, making a strong case for herself and her peers that recess is a right. 

In case you missed the GRA’s updated statement on recess, check it out: MAKE SURE STUDENTS HAVE DAILY TIME FOR RECESS