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Special Education Coaching

I see you. I see you researching the best therapy for your child. Listening intently to the pediatrician. Fighting with the insurance company.

Reading everything on a prescription before you anxiously give your child a new medication-again. 

I see you worry about your child at school. Stare overwhelmingly at the novel of IEP paperwork in front of you. So much paperwork! 

I see you knowing in your gut something isn’t right but unsure how to create change.

I see you loving your child with every bone in your body. 

I see you and I want to journey with you. From IEP meeting prep to full blown you and me taking on the school year together, I’m here for it.

Ways to Work Together

Free Consultation

Let’s get to know one another

  • You ask pressing questions-will this partnership benefit me and more importantly my child?

IEP Meeting Prep

Prepare to advocate for your child

  • We review your child’s IEP, have a one hour consultation before the meeting and 30 minute consultation after the meeting.

One Time IEP Review

Set yourself up for success

  • We review your child’s current IEP and meet for a 30 minute consultation.

Ongoing Coaching

Let’s do this together

  • Together, we will develop and implement an action plan to move forward with your child’s needs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you:

    Jessica Monteverde, MEd, Special Education Coach

    Jessica is a special education teacher, military spouse and stay at home mom to three little girls.  This phase of life has her at home with her children and bopping around the country/world with her husband’s career.  Read more about Jessica


    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

    — Helen Keller