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Special Education Coaching and Consulting

Hi! I’m Jessica Monteverde M.Ed.

I help families and schools create individualized education and behavior programs that help elementary age children successfully learn with their peers.

Working Together

Children with ADHD, learning differences, and other neurodivergent abilities can leave their parents, teachers, and other professionals at a loss for how to help them be successful alongside their peers. Typical teaching methodologies and classroom management just don’t seem to work. This can leave EVERYONE feeling frustrated-especially a child.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unheard? At a loss for what to do next? Like you are failing? Your child/student is failing? We can collaboratively create a plan that truly works for everyone!

Let’s get started!

First, schedule a free 30 minute consultation! Let’s get to know one another as you ask pressing questions to determine if this partnership would benefit your child or student.

Then decide how we can best serve you!

Below are the typical packages offered; however, we can always adjust and create packaging that works for you! 

One Time IEP Review– We review your child’s current IEP and meet for a 30 minute consultation.

IEP Meeting Prep Package-Prepare to advocate for your child-We review your child’s IEP, meet for a one hour consultation to prepare you for the meeting, and meet for a 30 minute consultation after the meeting to discuss future steps.

Ongoing Coaching-We develop and implement an action plan to move forward with your child’s needs.

Special Note for Schools: Coaching packages allow for administrators, teachers, and parents to come together to create a unique plan that will work for everyone. Please reach out to learn more!


“Before finding Jessica online, I was lost and hopeless with my child’s IEP Process. There was so much information. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and confused with the process. I wasn’t getting anywhere or being heard. Jessica is an amazing and knowledgeable advocate. Jessica got to work right away and took the time to get to know my child and our unique situation to help my child get the education he deserves. She really cared about us and worked overtime to help us in the process. I’m so happy we have partnered with Successful Healthy Children. I know that no matter what happens I can count on Jessica to be a part of our team, she is an incredible IEP Coach!”

Elementary IEP parent

Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you:

    Jessica Monteverde, MEd, Special Education Coach

    Jessica is a special education teacher, military spouse and stay at home mom to three little girls.  This phase of life has her at home with her children and bopping around the country/world with her husband’s career.  Read more about Jessica

    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

    — Helen Keller