CCS Wellness Team

School Health & Wellness

Dr. R will work with your school’s wellness team–or help your school form one. Wellness or health councils are important assets for schools, especially in the post-COVID era; they help define ways to support academic growth by fostering life skills and social-emotional wellbeing for students, staff and faculty. These teams are charged with writing your wellness policy and plans. Dr. R will facilitate the work, provide training for staff and students, and provide action plans for family engagement to ensure your wellness initiatives are realized.

Dr. R offers consultation for school health and wellness via:

  • Workshops on the process and requirements of wellness policies.
  • Facilitation of policy writing, building capacity with the wellness team/committee in the process.
  • Training for staff, teachers and parents to carry out your wellness plans.
  • Designing and/or leading student-led wellness projects, empowering students to take active roles in their own wellbeing, improving learning.
  • Guiding school leaders in connecting school improvement with health-wellness initiatives to support health and learning.

Each school has unique assets and challenges, and teachers, parents and children in each school have the solutions to these challenges. Helping these key players identify and implement solutions will strengthen not only the school’s capacity, it will also foster ownership and resilience within each child, teacher and parent, which will carry forward into our community.

Since children spend an average of six hours per day in school, schools are fundamental to fostering the whole child’s development. We expect schools to help our children succeed not only academically but also physically, emotionally, and socially. And we count on our schools to provide healthful, safe learning environments.