Empty swings

Recess Consulting

Empty swings…how many of your students miss out on the opportunity to enjoy recess?

Quality recess experiences are essential to ensure recess delivers on its potential for the whole child. Unfortunately, recess isn’t a universally-positive experience–many students do not enjoy a quality recess.

What is getting in the way of play at recess; i.e., what are the challenges for teachers and administrators, and what is needed to overcome these?

Let us help your school adapt to provide recess that is safe, organized and inclusive for every child, a recess that is supportive of the child’s overall learning, where they are able to engage and create connections with each other, to play. We will tailor our services to best support your needs, in the following ways:

  • Recess Coaching for specific student(s) or classes (onsite)
  • Recess Coaching for individual teachers or grade levels (onsite)
  • Play Consultation for play space design and recess logistics (onsite and virtual)
  • Professional Development for all faculty and staff (onsite and/or virtual)
  • Action Research to improve recess (participatory, onsite)
  • Facilitation of LiiNK (onsite and virtual)

Nature play, autonomous outside play (creeks, culverts, woods, bike rides, unsupervised time) for both of us allowed for creativity, connection and resilience. Quiet inside play (reading, daydreaming, dollies, sewing, imaginative play) fed our adult creativity and love of learning and life.  Play is our life’s calling. Protecting it for all children is our work. 

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