We are always seeking at least one school to partner with for action research on recess. Working together, we will explore and document your school’s current state of recess and play, to identify assets and barriers and then work from the inside to build on the assets and address those barriers.

child's drawing of recess

Action & Research to improve School Recess

We will help you select tools for assessment which we will use to build solutions, and sustainability to deliver meaningful play at recess and ensure every child at your school has joyful recess every day.

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For additional recess research, visit the Global Recess Alliance.

Check out this simple resource for twenty-five ways that recess helps children be happy, healthy, and successful!

Dr. Brickman and Dr. R described Dr. Brickman’s research on Recess Policy Implementation: Beliefs and Perceptions of Site-Based Decisions-Makers in the March issue of Journal of School Health

Dr. R and Dr. Dale B. Fink were invited to write about The Elementary School Teachers’ Perspective on recess in the 2019 winter issue of American Educator.

In November, 2018, Dr. Dale B. Fink and Dr. R published “Even If They’re Being Bad, Maybe They Need a Chance to Run Around”: What Children Think About Recess

Read what TimeHEALTH published about the research behind recess, October 2017.

Updates on the Benefits of Recess, published in American Educator  by Dr. R and Dr. Murray about the , Spring 2017.

In January, 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics released the policy statement on recess, which Dr. R co-authored with Dr. Bob Murray.

For school implications about recess, read the research in the  November, 2010 issue of Journal of School Health.