Accommodations Training Video and Instructional Guide plus Email Support


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Accommodations are one of the most important parts of the IEP and can make or break your child’s day. In this training video, you will learn:

1. The difference between accommodations and modifications.

2. What to look for in the accommodations section of the IEP.

3. Why it is important that accommodations be specific AND how to make them specific.

4. Clear steps to take in collaborating with your child’s IEP team to make sure they have the right accommodations and that they are being implemented.


What you will receive:

1. Twenty five minute training video

2. Downloadable instructional guide which includes an Accommodations Checklist and Accommodations Tracker to make sure your child’s accommodations are specific and used throughout the entire school day.

3. Email support-No child is the same, so of course you may have follow up questions. I’m here for you! After you watch the training and review your child’s IEP, email me with anything accommodations related.


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