PAXTools Community Education

I completed PAXTools training Friday 4/5/19 and am now a licensed Community Educator for PAXTools, which is “a collection of evidence-based, trauma-informed strategies to improve cooperation and self-regulation with youth. PAXTools draws on decades of science to create strategies that support parents, youth workers, and other caring adults to create a nurturing environment that ultimately helps kids thrive!”

What this means is that I can provide training for youth workers, parents, and other community members to support our children in developing self-regulation, and resilient social-emotional behaviors that allow children (and families) to thrive in our increasingly more stressful communities. The premise of PAX tools is that we have been implicit in teaching children (and thus ourselves) self-coping, healthy, supportive social-emotional behaviors; that we have learned and now teach our children through error response (“do NOT do that!”) and/or through punitive retribution, which is often housed in our emotional, knee-jerk response (extreme—but true—example: putting your teen’s iPhone in the Ninja and making an iPhone smoothie). 

PAX Tools and the training help adults see these strategies as less than effective, and provides alternative approaches grounded in over 35 years of research. Keys include being consistent, reliable and explicit in setting expectations for behavior, responding with low emotion when things go south, and using a mindset of restorative discipline when behaviors are harmful to self or others. Many schools around the country and in Ohio are already engaging in these strategies (Paxis Good Behavior Game) and PAX Tools supplements and reinforces pro-social behaviors in the home; but PAX Tools training is also invaluable for anyone working with or parenting children! If you are in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont or Warren Counties in Ohio, and are interested in training for your organization (VBS, youth group, after-school programs, etc.) please contact me directly. To find a PAX Tools trainer in your area, visit: