Why recess?

Recess is the time during the school day when children can play. It is as essential to the school—to the child—as the subjects of math, reading, and science, and all the other academic subjects. These subjects teach children… Read More

Supporting teachers to be ready for recess

As part of the research my colleague Dr. Dale B. Fink and I are doing, we surveyed and interviewed teachers about their perspectives on recess. 100% of the teachers indicated at least one benefit of recess, but many… Read More

Practice Joy for Our Kids

I’ve been reading a lot about the social-emotional mental-health supports around our students in schools, whether it be the language we use, different systems in place, or different resources available in and affiliated with the schools. And as… Read More

Schools are fundamental to fostering the whole child’s development

We count on our schools to provide healthful, safe learning environments. We expect a lot of our schools, and of our teachers…and they come to school each day facing challenges for their students that affect not only students but… Read More

Corryville Catholic School Student Health Council members reflect on what they do to be healthy

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