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It is that time of year again-the beginning of the school year.  If your child has an IEP, the beginning of the year can feel overwhelming, especially with all the changes happening in school.  New teachers, new procedures, new administrators, maybe a new school.  So much “new” can leave us feeling very anxious, worried, frustrated, and nervous.  Your child’s education should not feel like a battle or another fight for you.  

Let’s connect! I see you and want to help you on this journey.  I can help you better understand the IEP process, collaborate with teachers, and develop a plan that works for your child.  

How can we help you?

Free Consultation

Let’s get to know one another

  • You ask pressing questions-will this partnership benefit me and more importantly my child?

One Time IEP Review

Set yourself up for success

  • We review your child’s current IEP or evaluation for initial IEPs (1-hour consult).

Ongoing Coaching

Let’s do this together

  • Together, we will develop and implement an action plan to move forward with your child’s needs.

Jessica Monteverde, MEd, Special Education Coach

Jessica Monteverde MEd

Jessica is a special education teacher turned military spouse and stay-at-home mommy to a few little ones.  This phase of life has her at home with her children and bopping around the country/world with her husband’s career. She is eager to work with families to support them in becoming the greatest advocate for their children through collaborative relationships with the IEP team. Jessica can provide resources and strategies that align with data from your child’s IEP to create better days at home and school! Please reach out via e-mail or social.

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