Corryville Catholic SuperFit School Challenge

The Student Health Council at Corryville Catholic hosted a SuperFit School Challenge on Thursday, May 17 for all students.

SuperFit School Challenge is a healthy fundraiser obstacle course from Action for Healthy Kids. We hope this fundraiser will raise $4000 to support active, outdoor learning:

  1. Indoor recess equipment/games for older children (grades 5-8) since we only have access to indoor space for our recess;
  2. Classroom-based physical activity curriculum (e.g., CATCH, BrainBreaks)
  3. Experiential learning in our community through field trips to places like Cincinnati’s Outdoor Learning Center, Camp Joy and iSpace
By giving to Corryville Catholic Elementary School and SuperFit School Challenge, you’ll be able to help us give students the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge outside of the classroom setting. Donate now. Questions?

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