Working with a Student Health Council Coach

Your school will work with a Student Health Council Coach over a two-year period in order to create a solid foundation for wellness involving students.

In the first school year, working with your School Health/Wellness Council, we will establish a Student Health Council. You and your Coach will guide the Student Health Council to plan and lead wellness events. In year two, your Student Health Council Coach will prepare you to continue student-engaged healthy-learning initiatives on your own.

Coaching is flexible: timing of meetings will be determined with your school leader and Student Health Council Coach. In Year 1, your SHC Coach will participate in all meetings with the Student Health Council, your School Health/Wellness Council and provide hands-on support for events. In Year 2, your SHC Coach may reduce participation with your Student Health Council as determined by your school leader. At the most, your SHC Coach would participate in 30 meetings or events (over two years).

What do schools need to do for Successful Healthy Children?

Your school will need to identify a school leader (administrator, teacher or staff) and agree to 2-year commitment.

What does Successful Healthy Children cost?

There is a modest investment for Successful Healthy Children, which covers the cost for materials and provides a stipend for your school leader and your Student Health Council Coach. Contact us to discuss your school’s needs and pricing.