What we offer

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A Successful Healthy Children School Health Coach can work with your school to help you create or enhance the healthy-learning environment in a variety of ways.

We can work directly with your administrative team to build your school’s wellness team, from writing your wellness policy and plans to taking actions. Your School Health Compliance Coach will guide you as we train your staff, teachers and parents to carry out your wellness plans.

We can also work with your existing school wellness teams. Your Student Health Council Coach will help you empower students to take active roles in your wellness plans to support health and learning.

We can facilitate the LiiNK Project for your school, a school curriculum modeled after Finland (which consistently ranks in the top 5 in the world in academic performance—well above the US). The LiiNK curriculum incorporates more recess and character development into the school day. Preliminary data is compelling: In schools following the LiiNK curriculum, there were significant improvements in listening, decision making, problem solving and working together.

We can also support physical activity in the classroom, throughout the day, and for after-school programs and enrichment. Your School Health Coach can can train teachers and after-school instructors to embed physical activities themselves. Your school could also choose to have your School Health Coach lead after-school enrichment physical activity opportunities. We’ll provide any necessary equipment and materials.

Don’t see the right fit for your school or district here? Contact us, and we will work with you to ensure your School Health Coach meets your needs.