School Health Compliance Coach

Your School Health Compliance Coach will work with your school-level administrative team to ensure compliance with Federal Requirements and District Wellness Policies. Your SHC Coach will prepare you and your team to create a School Wellness Policy with accountability that will enable you to successfully carry out health and wellness initiatives.

Your SHC Coach will:

  • Develop School Health Committee*; Integrate stakeholder engagement with wellness initiative
    • Recruit and win parent/guardian engagement in wellness initiatives
    • Engage community members in wellness initiatives
    • Engage students in wellness initiatives
    • Engage teachers/staff in wellness initiatives
  • Develop School Wellness Plan/Policy (in alignment with District)
  • Lead completion of District Wellness Policy Accountability Measure (as indicated by District)
  • Create annual school-based accountability measure
  • Train teachers, staff and administration on wellness policy, plan
  • Integrate school health and wellness plans with on-going staff health promotion and wellness programs in place
  • Develop school-based events to promote community and family engagement
  • Train School Health Committee*for sustainability

There is a modest financial investment for Successful Healthy Children School Health Compliance Coaching for materials and fees for your Coaches. The investment of time you and your team will spend laying the foundation of wellness will create a legacy of lifelong health and learning for your staff, students, parents and community members. You might select from our other programs and services as part of your action plan we create or to blend into your current offerings or in your School Wellness Plan. Contact us to discuss pricing for your school or district.

*Some schools use the term “School Wellness Council.”