Research & Media about School Recess

Read the what TimeHEALTH published about the research behind recess, October 2017.

Read the latest article by Dr. R and Dr. Murray about the Benefits of Recess, published in American Educator, Spring 2017.

In January, 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics released the policy statement on recess, which Dr. R co-authored with Dr. Bob Murray.

For school implications about recess, read the research in the  November, 2010 issue of Journal of School Health.

Check out the buzz from the media:

USA Today

WGN Radio (for this one, click on the little arrow, to play the podcast)

Reuters Health

ABC News

NBC News


Recess actions by parents and school communitiesempty swings

Chicago Public Schools (from the Tribune, May 23, 2011)

Bexley Ohio Parents

Recess Before Lunch is recommended.

Read how some schools are implementing RBL.

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