Corryville Catholic SuperFit School Challenge

The Student Health Council at Corryville Catholic hosted a SuperFit School Challenge on Thursday, May 17 for all students. SuperFit School Challenge is a healthy fundraiser obstacle course from Action for Healthy Kids. We hope this fundraiser will raise… Read More

Corryville Catholic Student Health Council Newsletter

Read about the 2017-2018 Student Health Council Members! CCS Newsletter Formatted 2018 7th graders Amari, Joseph and Micah 8th graders Douglas, Eriana, Simeon and Zoey

Action for Healthy Kids Every Kid Healthy Week

  How will your school celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week?

Schools are fundamental to fostering the whole child’s development

We count on our schools to provide healthful, safe learning environments. We expect a lot of our schools, and of our teachers…and they come to school each day facing challenges for their students that affect not only students but… Read More

Corryville Catholic School Student Health Council members reflect on what they do to be healthy

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