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SHC 2016-2016

As a volunteer school health coordinator, I initiated Participatory Action Research with the school to assess and enhance the school’s services, programs and policies to promote health for the children and staff. We established a Wellness Council (adults), a Student Health Council and completed the CDC’s School Health Index, which was the basis for a revised Wellness Policy inclusive of all 8 components of Coordinated School Health. We changed the student incentive rewards to healthy snacks, and implemented yoga enrichment for grades 6-8, family fun nights and have been awarded ~$10K in grants for school health since 2009. In 2013, our 5th grade student was selected as the Ohio Ambassador for the national Fuel Up to Play Summit in North Carolina. While I facilitated our work, we were collectively gathering data from students, teachers and staff to evaluation of our actions. Today, I serve on the School Board there, and the teachers, principal and students are carrying forward what we began.